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Gregg Fritchle, Candidate for California Assembly
Gregg Fritchle in younger days, as a candidate for Walnut City Council

Our 2012 campaign has officially begun!

Once again I invite you to join me in our fight to End the Gridlock in Sacramento. We need realistic solutions to the State's structural deficit - not just obstructionism based on phony principles. My opponent continues to dig in his heels and refuse to discuss any efforts to make the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in California, rejecting reasonable revenue-raising measures that have already been in place for years in many states where his party holds solid majorities.

A sustainable healthy economy in California depends on the following:

1) support for the middle class, which is the largest group of consumers in a market-based economy;

2) increasing commutability of working people by providing affordable high-speed transportation, thereby shortening commute times and increasing job opportunites by increasing the radius of accessibility;

3) shifting financial support and tax relief from corporations to small businesses, so that small businesses can compete and corporations are less able to form local monopolies; and

4) recognizing changing demands and needs, including shifting to a green economy that places less emphasis on finite and polluting resources such as coal and oil.

These are attainable objectives toward which sound public policy is a major catalyst. It's time we finish moving into the 21st century.

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