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Norrell for House 44 from Mandy Powers Norrell on Vimeo.

Mandy Is One of Us!

Southern Lancaster County has been home to Mandy’s family for eleven generations.  Mandy grew up on Flat Creek Road in a middle class family.  Both of her parents worked for Springs.  Together, they taught Mandy the values of hard work and how to treat people who depend on you.   Today, Mandy and her husband, Mitch, are raising their children in the same tradition.  Mandy paid for college by working at Grace Bleachery. After graduating law school near the top of her class, Mandy turned down opportunities to work at large firms in big cities because she knew her calling was to serve her friends and neighbors at home.  And that’s just what she’s been doing for the past 15 years!  Mandy knows how to get things done in government.  She has the ability to get Southern Lancaster County moving again !  

Looking Out for Us in Hard Times

Mandy has traveled to Washington to meet with lawmakers and convince them of the need for higher gauge rail line to recruit new jobs into Southern Lancaster County.  As a municipal attorney, Mandy has drafted new ordinances to recruit industry into our County Business Parks, while generating revenue for our local governments.  In her private law practice, Mandy has saved hundreds of Lancaster County homes from foreclosure, and helped thousands of our friends and neighbors in financial turmoil.  Mandy understands that our community is having a hard time - and she’s out there fighting for US! 

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