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Watauga County Democrats Create a Cash Mob! 2012-08-25

The ever energetic Watauga County Democratic Party has now created two different Cash Mob weekends to help boost the local economy!

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I need your help TODAY! 2012-07-23

There are 105 days until Election Day.  Please read on to see how YOU can help TODAY!

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Bills for Boone’s ETJ, Water Intake Die Today; Soucek’s and Jord 2012-07-03

Cullie and I will stand together to support the residents of our districts, to end these types of legislative attacks!

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BCBS NC CEO Urges Investment in Public Education 2012-06-17

Recently, 50 business leaders from across the state came together to discuss how they might best engage in issues of public education. And this conversation was just the beginning. Those of us who lead North Carolina businesses have a voice. Some may assume they can automatically count CEOs as knee-jerk votes against any increase in the state budget. The truth is more complicated. The CEOs I know always weigh costs against benefits. They’re on the lookout for an investment that will profit the organization – or the state of North Carolina.

- J. Bradley Wilson is president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. He is a former chairman of the UNC Board of Governors.

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Bill Places All Teachers on Renewable Contracts Passes Senate 2012-06-04

After Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) presented Senate Bill 795 (Excellent Public Schools Act), co-sponored by Dan Soucek (R-District 45) to the Senate Education Committee today, this writer explained to the Senate committee how current career status (tenure) laws protect good teachers from political retribution while providing school systems the tools to dismiss poor performing teachers.  

I strongly support the North Carolina Association of Educator's position on "preserving career status and not scrapping it in favor of a renewable contract system", which I believe is an attack on our most valued public educators. 

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NC legislators get Miami trip, campaign funds from school vouche 2012-05-18

A school voucher lobbying group flew N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis and 10 other lawmakers, including Dan Soucek, to Miami in March despite a state law banning lobbyist gifts to lawmakers.

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Senate leader Berger proposes changes to teacher employment rule 2012-04-25

NC Senate leader Phil Berger is proposing a plan that would include the END of teacher tenure and the imposition of a merit-pay system. We must send representatives to the state senate who will focus on education by fostering our educators rather than punishing them.

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